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Beginner's Lesson 20

Scoring for 25 and 50 Fu

In this lesson, we will cover the scoring tables for 25 and 50 fu. Let’s start with 50 fu:


As with the values for 40 fu, the 4 han values are rounded down to mangan. However, you should notice that all of the other values in these tables are clean multiples of 400. That should make them easy to memorize, especially using the tips explained in Lesson 18.


Hands worth 50 fu are uncommon. Hands that are worth 50 fu are usually closed and have multiple ankou. A closed hand with an ankan of simple tiles would usually be 50 fu if won by ron.


Next is the scoring table for 25 fu:


As mentioned before, chiitoitsu is the only hand worth 25 fu. Because chiitoitsu is a 2 han yaku, there are no values for 1 han in the scoring table for 25 fu. Also, because chiitoitsu can only be won by a closed hand, the yaku for menzen tsumo will be awarded if won by tsumo, meaning that there is no value for a 2 han tsumo either. Regardless, the rest of the values match up with the 50 fu scoring table.


Lastly, here is the scoring table for 100 fu:


It should come as no surprise that these values are the same as those from the 50 fu scoring table, just shifted to the left. Again, hands worth 4 or less han cannot be more than mangan, so hands worth 3 han 100 fu and 4 han 100 fu are rounded down to mangan.


Hands worth 100 fu are incredibly rare. Naturally, they would require multiple kans. You should not expect to see any hands worth 100 fu, but as long as you have the scoring table for 50 fu memorized, you will be prepared if you do.


In the next lesson, we will cover the scoring tables for hands worth 70 and 90 fu.

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