"What would you discard" (WWYD) questions are a very popular topic of discussion in the Western riichi mahjong community. Recently, there was a WWYD event in Japan featuring "Doppo", who is the 3rd Tenhoui and a professional player representing Saikoui-sen. During the event, he emphasized that the "why" is more important than the "what" in WWYD questions. In other words, the reason is more important than the decision. We believe that there should be a reason behind every discard. Please feel free to share WWYD questions here, and let us all make sure we explain the reason behind our decisions. This way, we can all benefit from a shared deeper understanding of the choices we have to make while playing riichi mahjong.

When you post WWYD questions, please provide the game conditions, including round, player's seat, point conditions, rule set, etc.