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    The M League is a team Mahjong competition where only Japan’s best Mahjong pros can
compete. The playoffs are played by only the top four teams that come out of the four month
long preliminaries.

    The competitors of the M League are chosen at random from the five existing Mahjong pro
groups. Before the M League, each group chose its apex pro individually, and only in the
tournament held after would fans be able to watch pros from different groups compete.
Mahjong fans had longed for an intense league-style competition where the strongest pros
from each group face off against each other. AbemaTV was the first to respond in 2016 with the
RTD League consisting of the best mahjong players from each group. This was an innovative
competition where fans could watch pro players’ tactics and matches over a long period of

    The M League derives its structure from the RTD League, where each team is consisted of three players. The M League is also innovative in that companies offers each team sponsorships,
whereas before the pros would not be paid to play in Mahjong tournaments. This strengthens
the feel of a team sport like competition style.


Additional M.League info in MJStars

About M.League 

M.League Draft Pick



    Unfortunately, fans will not be able to experience the tense feeling of the match in the same space with their favorite pros, but they will be able to cheer through a monitor in a public viewing space. Additionally, all the matches will be streamed through AbemaTV.

    The entire structure of the M league, from how fans can gather to cheer their favorite team, to the atmosphere of the match, and the ability to watch every single match, is geared toward increasing enjoyment of “watching Mahjong”.

    Once you enter the building and validate your ticket, there are booths where you can purchase your favorite teams’ goods. There you can meet your favorite M League players as shop keepers. Fans can even shake hands and take pictures with them during this time.

    In the public viewing space, you can sit in the seats designated for your favorite team. You are
allowed to sit anywhere in the allotted space. A few minutes after you are seated waiting
excitedly for the match to start, the host and a M League competitor come in for commentary.
The M League has four official matches per week, and depending on the week, they offer up to
two matches open to public viewing.


Tickets sell out fast so get your tickets at the link below.

Get your tickets here


    Even after the match starts, the commentary doesn’t stop. Current M League players explain the match with great detail so it is very easy to follow. In addition to the exciting commentary involving the fans, they allow a sneak peek into the players’ private lives that you can only hear here.

    After the match ends, all the players gather at the public viewing space for an interview and to talk about their match. They then go to their respective booths to meet with their fans. Here you can take pictures, shake hands, and even get their signatures. They responded in a very friendly manner.

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