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​KIZUNA PROJECT presents Mahjong Master Class Vol.1


Genki Hirasawa is a Mahjong creator in Japan. His YouTube channel consists of strategy tips mainly for entry and intermediate players. There are 42.6K people subscribed to his channel. 


He is a professional and achieved 10 dan on Tenhou. The main focus of his channel is explaining what entry and intermediate players do not realize when it comes to the efficient numbers and shapes, when they should push or fold, and how they can get to Tokujyo. Genki will be providing his contents in Japanese, but Riichi Mahjong Central will be translating his contents live!  

This is the one of KIZUNA project event and it will be a free seminar. we are open to donations so we can continue with these projects and inviting guest instructors. We have a few more guest speakers in line, and we would like to pay them for their time with us.


If you are interested in joining the Master Class, please fill out the Google Form HERE.   

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