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Oogai Hiromi Pro's Mahjong Manner Lecture No.2

November 27th 2015

No. 2

~ The following article is from “Mahjong Kai No 5” ~

There are some basic mahjong manners, although they vary by place and by individual. Oogai Pro would like to eliminate the bad manners which people usually do without thinking!

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Author: Oogai, Hiromi

Profile: Born in 1960 and from Tokyo. With the 101 Kyogi-Renmei. The 22nd and 30th champion. After experiencing as a family-style restaurant manager, he fell in love with the competitive mahjong style and goes into the Pro Mahjong industry.


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Translator Ayaka

Born and living in Japan. I play mahjong once a week at a mahjong parlor. I hope you enjoy mahjong and articles.


Proof reading George also know as xGeo


Mahjong player for 6 years. Lives in USA. Played in various tournaments like IORMC 2017 and WRC 2017.


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