Hajime no Ippo x M League

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

M League news.

Their final series just started and Asahi News Paper was added as Final Series sponsor company. At the same time it was a big surprise for everyone. On the 1st day of Final series, M League posted 7 different news papers with different advertising corroborating with popular Manga "Hajime no ippo".

The Author of ippo, Joji Morikawa was often at the public view and posted couple MJ related tweet on his twitter.

But no one was expected to coming like this.

It is funny, many of the twitter users / MJ fans were looking for to collect all 7 different newspaper on that day.

But good thing is now it is getting very popular and not even MJ fans know there is PRO MJ League in Japan.

Hope those very unique news will introduce oversea as well.

You can see 7 different advertising at official website


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