Tenhou-Bu Score

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

LAPOM's new Challenge with Tenhou. Do you want to get better on Tenhou? Or WRC or your local Club League games? This project is to make everyone to compete, learn, and level up your Riichi Mahjong skills.

Score as of May 14th

Tenhou-bu duration March 15th - June 15th

Ishione 19 Yukitora 14 破顔の楽士 13 7 9 もふもふ藍 8 LGrunty 7 K-San 5 らぽやん 4 fr3netic 4 TheWagon 3 清姫様大好き 3 Panda84 3 bk202 1 原外桃 1 明日生 0 ProSashi -1 R-10@ -1 A0Fairy -1 偽赤木 -1 純喫茶 -3 ペンギンヒーロー -3 KyuuAA -4 雪泉@月閃 -4 Jimi -4 anthto -5 Jaben -6 Teru97 -7

Steps for register

Step 1. Sign up and submit your information here https://goo.gl/forms/zKgWyjfDSB8qqtet2

Step 2. Like and follow our Facebook page and Facebook Group page Facebook Group Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1687361317995098/

Step 3. Go to Tenhou Private Room 7447 and play 東南戦 喰断有り (No Aka) during the following period 3/15 - 6/15 http://tenhou.net/0/?L7447

Step 4 Send final scores of game using Twitter and include @LAPom2 https://twitter.com/LAPoM2

We will keep scores like this 1st +3

2nd +1

3rd -1

4th -3

Live streaming

Every Thursday at 7:00pm we will live stream on our Youtube Channel to review games and have open discussions!! Please join our Youtube channel and ask us lots of questions!!! LAPOM Youtube Channel (Don't forget to subscribe!!)


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