International Mahjong Battle @ RTD

(Featured photo and various parts of this post are from Mahjong Watch

in October of 2016, after finally planning my first ever trip to Japan with Daniel Moreno of PML, I emailed Shingo Tsunoda, creator of the online mahjong game Tenhou.net, to ask when the next Tenhou Real Trial would take place, however he did not know so I instead asked him if he would like to play mahjong with us. The original plan was just to meet in a Jansou and rent a table for a few hours but Tsuno had a different plan. He instead rented 3 tables at the RTD (Riichi Tsumo Dora) Lounge, a jansouesque lounge set up by ex-Saikouisen professional Toshimasa Chou whose aim was to create a space to play mahjong that does not have the bad connotations that jansou have.

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