Introducing MJ Stars Team!

Here is the MJ Stars Team!

Thank you for your hard work!!!

We still need more volunteers to help not only as translators, but as artists, editors, and more!!

We have partnered with a few famous Japanese mahjong sources and we have tons of articles with good information, including theories and tactics. But we need help to be able to spread this content!!

We would like to ask everyone in the riichi mahjong community to help us share information, give us feedback, and like or dislike our content. English is not our first language, but we really want to improve and provide quality articles to help our community!!

Outside of that, you could teach your friends, write articles and club news, create illustrations, make interesting videos, and stream online mahjong on

Tenhou or FFXIV. Anything that provides more exposure for riichi mahjong will help build this community little by little!! Rather than keeping to our small groups, let us all work together and enjoy riichi mahjong!!

Before, someone asked me an interesting question: "Are you working for the US or Japan?"

I thought I was part of the US riichi mahjong community, so I answered "for the US", but I think that was the wrong answer.

I think the correct answer would have been, “I am not working for any one country, but we are all working for the riichi community as a whole!”


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