LAPO.M. League 2nd Final

We have finished 2nd Team Based League Finals.

Each team had 3 players and during play off, each player has to play 2 games.

In regular games, Orange Goo-glee was leading the 1st place, however, Pink and Red chased hard in later regular games.

In the play off 3 those team had really close point.

1st and 2nd game, Sylvain from Orange just dominated both game and got 2 consecutive 1st place. and took huge lead.

3rd and 4th game

Nima from Red team had 1st place and keep Pink down little bit.

Team Orange was hanging out.

5th game

Shin from Red needed 1st place and needs to take Pink in 4th place.

So does, Team Orange.

But Shin had good lead and took over Orange and Pink

6th game

Pink and Orange point differential was only 1.2 pt.

Therefore, any placement will decide the winner.

Team Orange and Team Blue needed like 200 pt in 1 last game and it is almost impossible.

shin again controlled the last game and pink was chasing in 2nd place but not enough at the end.

Congratulation team RED!!

Now, we have done 2 time with team based league game.

It is very interesting but handling those schedule will be the key, and again at the playoff, each team and all the participants has to into those series so that even you are in the losing team, discussing with team mate that what their team plan and share ideas will help team work and Mahjong skill part as well.

We definitely recommend everyone to try those team style league games!!

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