LAPOM 1st League 2019 last weekend

Los Angeles pride of mahjong - LAPOM

We have been running Competition style of League games in 3months past 3 years.

Our 1st season of 2019 regular season was ended last weekend.

There will be the final games for top 4 players and some of the players will move on to exchange match of L1 and L2.

Every time the last weekend will be the intense game battle and get excited by so many players. They have been played for 3 months to get into play off round.

We have over 20 players were on Saturday

And good news was we had couple new players who is visiting to learn!

We have free teaching sessions for 8 times!

We uses MJ Stars beginner's guide to teaching.

But limiting 2 hours / day

Because if we go too much information at the 1 day, they will get confuse. So we set dairy object to go over. And this time, we have played Mahjong lite (8 tiles )

Player have learned basic tile efficiency and already some basic yaku.

We had advanced players were visiting from San Francisco and Phoenix AZ.

Bichen and Austion from PML (SF Club) were here to discuss running club to learn each others. Their newest updates news will coming up soon!

And visitor from Phoenix is 8D on Tenhou. So on this table 3/4 is on Houou Table on Tenhou. It was a good match to watch!!

If you wants to learn or you already know how to play in San Fransisco Area or Phoenix Area, Please contact us or them directly!

Lastly, we had move on to another video project for Riichi players

As we asked many players, many of them are having hard time to how to play from strategy book to real game. And many of beginner players are having hard time to watch Mahjong videos with 4 players at the same time. So we only show 1 players hand with discards and later, we will adding English commentary to for explanations. This will take bit time to edit but it will coming up soon!!

Hopefully, this project will help many players to understand well to improve their game!!

on Sunday, again it was a busy day and had 5 tables running at the same time.

And another new visitor form Ventura CA.

He met Nima at Anime Los Angeles at free teaching Riichi session!

And he is trying to set up Riichi club in Ventura! and he stop by to take a look at LAPOM!

As soon as new club info is ready, we will make announcement.

And please help us to find players in Ventura Area!!

I have just finished putting final scores and noticing qualifiers the final schedule.

Let's see who will win 1st season!!

Total 340 Games in 3 months to get champion!

Have a nice Riichi!!

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