LAPOM 2019 1st Season Final

Shisho, Sylvain, Bryant, and Suzuki

3 months period Regular league was over and we had Final games on last weekend.

Final Format was 4 multiple games include UMA of 30-10.

Because of the multi games, it will be different from regular games.

More tactics needs to get involve.

And most importantly, winning condition at the 4th game's Orasu will be really hard to find out because of UMA get involve. So in the few situations, even you get big hand, you need to pass the winning hand sometimes. But the player needs to figure out by themselves.

This time, the finalists were, regular season 1st place Shisho, 2nd Sylvain, 3rd Bryant, and 4th Suzuki.

However, at LAPOM we do not carry over previous points.

We think if we carry over, more complicated situation and create much difficult condition for everyone. Therefore the regular season is for to secure their final seat.

Until game 3, all players were doing their job and tried not one player goes away by big lead. But Sylvain took the good lead by Delaer haneman tsumo to take overall 1st place.

In Final game 4, He secured the lead till end of the game.

Final Score

Now, he needs to behave as a winner and needs to move forward being as role-model for everyone. We think really good player is not just good at this game, needs to behave and respect game and opponents. Most importantly we all needs to keep learning to improve skills of this game.

Congratulation Sylvan!!!

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