LAPOM League 2018 2nd Result

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

We at LAPOM had regular league Playoff on August 5th 2018.

Play off was on top8 players

Table A





Table B





The format was based on the WRC ruleset with 5-15 uma.

The top 2 players from each table based on total points after two hanchan advanced to the final table, which had the same format.

Semifinal Table A

In the first game, Shisho had a big 1st place, and Akky was in 2nd place. Bryant was at the top of the league going into the playoffs, but he needed a big win to advance. In the second game, Bryant came back with several renchan in South 4, ending with over 70k points to advance with Shisho to the final table.

Semifinal Table B

In the first game, Masa was leading and controlled game with several small wins. Shin came back with his dealer turn to take the lead, but at the end, Masa took back 1st place. In the second game, Shin had the lead and was controlling the game, but Junko chased after him with expensive hands. She was able to come back into 1st place with a suu ankou tsumo while Masa was dealer. That caused Masa to fall from 2nd to 3rd place overall by a large margin. Junko and Shin advanced to the final table.

Final Table





In the first game of the final table, Shin had the lead and Bryant was chasing him as 2nd place. Junko and Shisho did not have many chances to attack and ended up playing defensively.

Early in the second game, Junko came back with a dealer mangan direct hit on Shin to make the game more interesting. With that, Bryant was 1st place overall, and everyone was fighting to overtake him. Bryant did well controlling the game, but Shisho won a haneman tsumo in South 3 while Bryant was dealer. Shisho was dealer going into South 4 and still needed some points to overtake Bryant. Junko and Shin still had winning conditions of direct hit haneman or baiman tsumo. In South 4 Junko was in tenpai but she needed to wait for to change her hand to junchan sanshoku to make a baiman tsumo, but it was not quick enough and Shisho took the lead. In South 4-1, Shin had a chance for the direct hit condition, but could possibly get yakuhai honitsu san ankou, or since he had two ankou of 1s and 9s, chinitsu or chuuren poutou. Junko had chanta sanshoku dora 1 to aim for a baiman direct hit in the late game. Bryant needed a mangan tsumo or 2000 point direct hit from Shisho, but late in the game he decided to go with keiten to hope that Shisho could not fold his hand to finish the game. On the last turn, Junko had haneman tenpai with no draws left. However, WRC rules allow riichi declarations without any turns left. Shisho had the haitei, so with riichi ippatsu houtei, she could clear the baiman condition. There was still a chance that Shisho might fold his hand and declare noten, but it depended on Bryant’s last turn. If Bryant was also in tenpai and Shisho was noten, then Bryant would overtake him.

In conclusion, it was a very close game with incredible drama. We believe strongly in all of the work we have put into our riichi games the past two years, and now our players’ skills are getting better to the point where we can have such tough and exciting games. I was not on the final table, but watching this game and considering the winning conditions made me think, “What if I were on this final table?”

And congratulations Shisho!!

He took another title! This is his third league title, and he is the winner of the Rankers Carnival (US invitational tournament).

Shisho is still improving his game, and has proved that he is one of the best players at LAPOM!

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