LAPOM x 遊戯Boy Corroboration

Famous YouTuber 遊戯Boy from Taiwan made instruction video for Riichi.

Bryant from LAPOM was visiting Taiwan during vacation, and meeting couple groups in Taiwan for Riichi MJ. 遊戯Boy has about 90K subscriber and his videos focusing on many kinds of Mahjong.

The video has over 25K views in 1 day!!

遊戯boy also visited Japan met with Junko at Tokyo and hopefully, more videos coming up soon!!

Since Bryant visited Taiwan, we have started communicating with many players and groups in Taiwan!!

And LAPOM also start communicating South Korea MJ Association as well.

South Korea, Taiwan, and China was 3 countries that has lots Riichi players but less communications because of the language.

However, because of LAPOM has lots unique players that they have variety back ground, we have no problem contacting and communicating with other countries!!

So in 1st year of MJ Stars launching, we will main focus on English contents, but at the same time, we will work on translating in other languages if we finds volunteer translators.

Special thanks to 遊戯Boy




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