Last game with Nine Gates

Shisho completed Nine Gates at Last Game

It will be kind of my personal article this time.

When I have met Shisho was back on over 20 some years ago.

Me and my friends bought broken old old Autotables and start gathering Riichi player in Long Beach.

One day, one lady brought him and he start teaching us Riichi Mahjong.

Technics, Strategy, and manners, what is Mahjong Do etc.

He was the only player who plays clean event at LA Jansou back in the day.

It will be long story but Jansou in LA basically did not exit any Mahjong manners and even Sakizumo was allowed. Lots of troubles we had even faced cheating too. However, he was the only player who plays in clean and focused on fare play and he kept winning.

Many incredible stories, but what I have learned from him the most is, Mahjong is not just a game. What it means to explain is very difficult, but I personally think now it's my turn to spread this game with his thought and Mahjong do. Winning matters but there is more important things than winning or losing.

Since 4 players unique games, each players skills and reads makes really good games even we are not pro level. He mentioned many times, "Harmony of players are very important in this game".

To explaining lots of mahjong related spiritual side is very difficult because of cultural difference, but now it's my turn to passing this to more players and hope I can find the way to explain better to make more players into this game and improve.

And I must study and learn my games harder and get prepared for future game with Shisho and more tough players.

Thank you Shisho for many many many things.

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