M. League

[M. League]

July 17th 2018

Established M.League Organization by Susumu Fujita ( Representative Director )

Purpose of M. League is spreading out Competition style of Riichi Mahjong.

1st Season will start October 2018.

■About M.League Riichi mahjong is very popular in Japan and there are so many players. According to Pro Groups, there are thousands of Pro players existing in Japan. On the other hand, there are still negative images such as gambling, complicated rules and more. This was the main reason that Riichi Mahjong was not speak out in general. However, it is increasing number of players because of online based mahjong games, and internet TV hosting mahjong channels, and healthy mahjong by elders. Therefore they are trying to make Riichi Mahjong into Clean Image with new League called M. League.

Season :October to March next year

Team Spencering Companies:

Konami Mahjong Fight Club - Konami Mahjong Fight Club

Cyber Agent - Shibuya ABEMAS Sega Sammy - Sega Sammy Phoenix TV Asahi - EX Fu Rin Ka Zan Dentsu - Team Raiden Hakuhodo DY Media Partners - Akasaka Drivens U-NEXT - U-NEXT Pirates 

Registered Players:3 Players in 1 Team Draft pick from 5 Pro Groups

JPML, NPM, Saikoui-Sen, -μ- (Myu), and RMU

in M.League, gambling will be prohibited and players can not play at parlor or work related with gambling mahjong.

Total Games:80 Games with 1 Team in First Season

Official Website:https://m-league.jp Twitter:https://twitter.com/m_league_ YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/c/m-league

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