M League 2019 Draft MJ Stars Pick up

Saya Okada Pro from JPML is drafted by New Team Kadokawa Sakura nights

She is a Model and celebrity in Japan and we see her on TV.

Not only she is famous, she has unique back ground that she grow up in China in her childhood. Therefore she does speak Chinese and hope she spread info in Chinese as well. This is very important to spread Riichi to World in different language.

hmmm.... She is so talented.

Her teammates are Kotaro Uchikawa JPML, Makoto Sawazaki JPML.

Uchikawa is well known as he is a such a good player. And Sawazaki is one one of the veteran player. Team balance is very unique and they all different style of game. It will be interesting to watching new team!!

Aiko Hinata from SAIKOUISEN

Yes everyone knows her as Hinatan on Youtube!!

Now she was drafted by Abemas!!

Her youtube channel is sponsored by Mahjong Watch and they are very supported us!!

There is no reason that we cheer up for her in next season!!

We got your back Go Hinatan Go!!!

Abemas team mates are Ooi, Matsumoto, and Shiratori.

They all from different pro organizations. RMU, NPM, JPML, and SAIKOUISEN.

They are very strong team that we know already and adding new player can adding up more power!! Hinatan is very defensive style but she is a champion of the RTD Girls and she played in high level league in SAIKOUISEN as well.

Akira Wakutsu JPML

Her nick name tells everything. AMAZONS

Drafted by Sega Sammy Phoenix

Now they have Uotani, Kayamori, Kondo and Wakutsu.

Adding up more attacking power for sure. She was the only one played in RTD League in 2017. She is already approved her skill and toughness. Now turn into M League.

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