Masters of Mahjong released new clip

Masters of Mahjong

Jamie Grant (36) is a director, producer, and photographer. He is also founder of Farpoint Productions, an independent production house based in Oxfordshire, UK.

This week I interviewed Grant, Director and Producer of Masters of Mahjong, a documentary chronicling mahjong and its spread throughout the world outside of China. Grant and his crew has been following and interviewing players around the world, did extensive filming at the 2017 World Riichi Championship in Las Vegas, and continues to produce what he aims to make “the definitive mahjong film for our time.”

Masters of Mahjong has now released a cut of some of the footage gathered from WRC 2017! While planning, filming, and production continues, Grant has taken the time to offer us a significant look into his background, goals, and the state of this anticipated documentary.

DFW Riichi club wrote good article.


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