May 1st week WAREME De Month

At LAPOM We are testing out WAREME Rule multiple day tournament style.

WAREME is very popular rule in LA Local and has good history.

In Japan, it's even on TV Show called "WAREME de Pom" and this show has long run history as well.

Anyway, Every Sunday during May, We have WAREME rule cup and whoever get over all 1st place in that day will earn Free ticket for next visiting at LAPOM.

At end of the month, We will have over all 8 players Semi Final and Final!!

Wareme is the person who's wall is breaking. This player wins double point or lose double point. We have added couple more interesting rules.

This makes everyone has good chance to get overall 1st place and makes it exciting.

During the Event, He almost win Nine Gates but 5p comes out from other player.

Well, He is wareme, so Non Dealer Haneman 120K becomes 240K. Good enough!!

However, Chikako san she started Riichi about 2 years ago, won the 1st Day over all!!


She will participate in Semi Final!!

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