May the Four Sou be with you - PML May Monthly Tournament

Berkeley, CA - Thanks to everyone who showed up to our grand opening for the PML jansou. Starting in May, we will have monthly tournaments to scratch that competitive itch we all have. The first monthly tournament will be Saturday, May 4th. Sign up at:

Come check our our brand new jansou at

2589 Telegraph Ave

Berkeley, CA 94704

The format is 4 hanchan preliminaries and a finals game. Entry fee is $39.99, card only (Apple Pay seems to work, too).

Schedule is as follows: 12:00 noon registration 1:00 pm 1st hanchan 2:15 pm 2nd hanchan 3:30 pm 3rd hanchan 4:45 pm 4th hanchan 6:00pm finals table (optional 5th hanchan for people who didn't make top 4)

Games use the same ruleset as PML league (not WRC). Uma is +25/+10/-10/-25 Top 4 advance to the finals table, and scores are reset. First on that table wins the tournament. 55 minute games. Finish the last hand after time is called. Finals are not timed.

We will be streaming this event.

The key differences between PML and WRC are that we allow double/triple ron (riichi sticks and honba go to first player), do not use kiriage mangan, do allow abortive draws (4 winds, 4 riichi, kyuushuu kyuuhai), open kan dora are flipped after discard, points start at 25000, uma is +25/+10/-10/-25, and seating is determined with a computer. All hands should be scored into the system. Please arrive at noon to log into the system. Consult a judge for any questions.

More extensive list:

Hanchan 25,000 points starting Uma 25-10-(-10)-(-25) 55 minutes + last hand

Akadora-nashi Atamehane-nashi Multiple players can win off the same discard. Only the player nearest to the discarder wins bonus points and riichi bets, if any. Double or triple ron okay. Atozuke-ari

Agariyame-nashi Ippatsu-ari Kandora-ari Kanuradora-ari Kuikae-nashi The penalty for discarding an illegal tile is a dead hand. Kuitan-ari Nagashimangan-nashi Pao-nashi Renchan-ari Renhou-ari Mangan points are awarded for renhou. Ryanhanshibari-nashi Tobi-nashi Uradora-ari Chonbo 10,000 point penalty off your total score after the game has ended (after uma).

At the end of the game, riichi bets or penalty points on the table are not returned. The points are removed from the game entirely.

Bad ron without revealing hand: Dead hand Bad ron with revealing hand: Chonbo Bad pon/chi: no penalty. Revealed tiles count towards 5 total revealed for chonbo penalty.

Too few tiles: Dead hand (Don't forget to draw your first tile on the auto-hand tables!)

Too many tiles: Chonbo

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