Ogura Takashi Pro 2nd pl at Sydney

There are 3 rule sets of Mahjong tournament on going at Sydney Australia right now.

Takashi Ogura Pro NPM

He took overall 2nd place!

He won 13 waits Kokushimuso during the tournament.

He is also well known as Poker player and he visit many casinos include Las Vegas.

What I remember him as probably the 1st online mahjong based player as a Pro and won NPM title. Before Tenhou, there was very popular Riichi online game called "Tonpuso". He was one of the high ranked player on Tonpuso.

When he enters Pro, many of them did not like early no good waits like penchan, kanchans. However, he play through as digital base tactics and won Janryu-i in his 1st year of pro games, it was sensational, and he won next year as well.

Day 1 was played by Baida rule

Day 2 AML

Day 3 Australia rule

Takaharu Ooi RMU, Taro Suzuki, NPM and several more pro players are participating in this tournament. We hope they do good in Day2 and Day3!!

Original Source by MJ Watch


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