Oklahoma Mahjong’s First Riichi League!

Oklahoma Mahjong (established since October 2017), has been on a steady growth over its short period of time. Starting a league within our club was our goal and we were proud to debut it on April 1st! We called it our ‘Spring League’. Our leagues run roughly along the lines of the seasons of the year, so 4 total per year. In early January we began a trial league to test some rules and regulations for scoring, found out what worked and did not and finessed it to officially begin for the springtime.

June 30th was the very last day for this league. While our scores varied in great difference, it was easy to tell who would win this round. We want to introduce you to Spencer Owen, our winner, and great member and asset to our team!

Spencer Owen had only been with us for a short few months, before he left to Kentucky, where he and a few others established a new Riichi Club, currently called the Northern Kentucky Mahjong Club. We were sad to see him go. In that short time he helped us with our club tremendously! Spencer had brilliant strategy skills, taking himself further beyond what we taught him… he ended up teaching us a few things we weren’t aware of in proper play! He was also a very dedicated player, offering to show up to our club meetings with a table ready if our club president could not make it. These were the kind of quality players we hoped to have in our club, ones who would help us grow even further. When we asked his thoughts on winning our sponsored league prize, provided by LAPOM, here is what he had to say: “Well, I feel honoured to have won against some really skilled players, and I'm a little surprised the point spread was so broad. I'm enjoying the set so far, and want to thank LAPoM for donating it to the club. I can say that I had a blast with you guys. Thank you so much for teaching me the game, and I hope to see you again soon.” Oklahoma Mahjong is proud of you, Spencer. Good Luck with your new journey in spreading the game across this country. Thank you again, LAPOM for the gracious donation for our first official league prize! We hope to season some good players for future tournaments so we can all play again in the future. -Zac and Ashlee Leak, President and Treasurer from Oklahoma Mahjong.

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