Rachel is the best player in the USA

Rachel Halpin from PML won 2018 Seattle Riichi Open

She was one of the strongest players in the USA now.

at Seattle Riichi Open was individual Riichi Tournament and because of Seattle used new players matching system by current score rankings. It should be result of tougher tournament than random matches in some situation.

Meaning, She went all the way playing against high ranked players to get final table.

In this way, even with carry points system to semi final and final, it is not too much gaps of point differential to possibly catching up or play against with close ranked players.

and also she has played LAPOM Team Touranment on February 2018 as team member of DWD. Rachel had great yakuman at the last game of qualification round to make big come back and big upset to get Final table for DWD and also They won the Title.

Soon or later, we are planning to interview with Rachel to ask what's her secret of playing in the tournament. 2 titles in 1 year is very difficult things to to and she has done it already.

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