Retro Riichi Review - Mahjong 64

This is the new video series of one of our co-editor Travis( @fakegamerguycom on Twitter ) from Seattle.

He reviews Retro Riichi games on Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Cube, Nintendo 64, Playstation etc...

Let's take a look for Mahjong 64

This is a tough game to review because most of the game requires a fairly high level of fluency in Japanese. If you can't read Japanese you're probably going to have a bad time. Game: Mahjong 64 (麻雀64) Platform: Nintendo 64 Release Year: 1997 Developer: Koei Publisher: Koei Catalog number: NUS-NMJJ-JPN

Mahjong Game Data Base

This is the web Data Base that Travis is working on to make retro game list and instructions for English Player to Enjoy!!


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