Saikyo-Sen style in April Finals

Did you read the blog article "What is Saikyo-Sen?"? If you haven’t yet, please refer to it.

At LAPOM, we have 3-month long leagues which are run 3 times a year.

During the months of April, August, and December, we take a break from the league games and instead practice other game formats. This month, we attempted to play with the Saikyo-Sen format.

The reason we chose to play with this format now is that the preliminary amateur matches of Saikyo-Sen are set to start in May in Japan. As you may expect, it is not easy to participate in tournaments in Japan. However, with enough practice, we’ll be able to play with the pro players in future competitions!

Over the past 2 weeks, LAPOM held 4 preliminary events in which approximately 36 players participated. Each event had 4 games in which every player attempted to accumulate as many points as possible. The top seven players across all 4 days and last year’s Jansei-i winner will go to the finals on April 28th.

The format of the final games are as such:

Two semi-final games (50 mins + 1 round)

Two final games (80 mins)

During the real Saikyo-sen tournament, each participant is a representative of some category and has a cool title attached to them. So in order to fully embrace the Saikyo-sen format, we created original titles for everyone!.

I, Junko, will be going to the LAPOM Saikyo-sen finals as a representative of AMOS USA!

Please cheer me on!

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