Shigoku no 1 kyoku

Here is Suru Shinai Youtube Channel new video series called "Shigoku no 1kyoku"

meaning, the excellent 1kyoku

Naoya Kono Pro and Doppo pro will be the main commentator and will take a look at the excellent kyoku they picked and will explaining why its so great.

This time, they have picked up M Leaguer Seiichi Kondo (Sega Sammy Phoenix)'s Saikoisen Game.

As we saw Kondo's Incredible Daisangen on M League (2019 1st Yakuman) recently.

However, Daisangen is not the surprise part. The choice he made it to make it happen was really interesting route (tejun) to complete the hand.

Often, Kondo shows his original choice to surprise even pro players and he proven as his result. Currently he is on the Saikoui-sen final series, and if he wins one more Saikou-i title, he will earn forever Saikoui-i (will be 2nd player to become. 1st one is Mahjong Legend Mr Masahito Iida).

Yup when me and shisho watched this game on live, we have talked about this decision and why he could choose all day lol. I'm so glad they have picked up this kyoku and talk about from Pro's stand point of view.

Seiichi Kondo released his theory book last year, and the title is Play Big and Win Big. If you would like to know more about his theory we would recommend to get his book (Japanese).

Note: MJS and Suru Shinai are working together to look for volunteer translators on Suru Shinai Videos. If you can help us please feel free to ask us!!

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