Teaching session at NBC Universal

MJS team received e-mail from NBC Universal in Hollywood last month.

They often has events for employee groups and this time, they are trying to play Mahjong!! Which is a very cool offer from them and we have decided to renting our equipment and provide them short session!

MJS Team, Mas, Nima, Bryant, Terry, and Junko

Jurassic park conference room

Presentation What is Riichi Mahjong

We have divided group who has experience with other Mahjong rule set, and very new to play.

We have used MJS Beginner's lessons and tested Tibet style to Mahjong Lite.

In couple round, they learned super quick to complete Tibet Style, so we have move forward to Mahjong lite with 8 tiles.

Even in this step, we had efficiency lessons using 1 through 9, they understand fast to moving forward.

Lesson was about 2 hours, so We ended up to till here but seems everyone was enjoy playing and learning at the same time.

Hope from this event some of the new players shows some interest so keep playing or do some research!!

We would like to keep provide basics and more news so that new player can learning and reading on MJS.

Thank you NBC Universal to gave us such a great opportunity to promote Riichi Mahjong!!

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