The best online MJ games for Beginners

Recently, we have several choices on Riichi Mahjong Online based games available in English.

We did survey on Social medias and had interesting result.

On twitter

The most recommended one was Tenhou x English add on

However, we had very good feed back from Kemono Mahjong users.

Feedback 1

For beginners, it has to be @KemonoMahjong The in-game resources are great for players who are still learning the yaku. The AI is also well-suited for beginners. Most mahjong AI is usually too weak or defensive, but the AI in Kemono Mahjong is more aggressive and interesting.

Feedback 2

@KemonoMahjong For beginners, playing with the AI gives the beginner a chance to think and figure out the game by making mistakes.

Feedback 3

I don't like that someone saying you have to pay for kemono is a negative. As compared to the other three you get an in depth tutorial for the price and AI that represents a litany of playstyles. And it's $4... come on guys.

Feedback 4

Kemono's got such a great tutorial in it, and learning against AI and at your own pace is a fantastic way to get better and better at the game.

Few other feedbacks


Tenhou is too fast for beginners. FFXIV requires you to level up/grind to play Doma Mahjong. MajSoul is most likely rigged. Kemono Mahjong has multiplayer still on the works, a paywall. Pick your poison, really

Players will and need to get faster, so I would prefer Tenhou.


gamedesign.jp/flash/mahjong/mahjong_e.html … This one! It’s simple, works with flash, has a yaku list on the bottom, isn’t particularly difficult, its the best place to go and practice, and learn the game by actually playing, and if you know how to play, the android store has a Japanese app for it.

On Facebook

Less voting and few feedbacks

But again Tenhou is most recomended one.

On Instagram

On Instagram had few feed back as well.

But for beginners we think tutorial is very helpful

Mahjong soul and Kemono Mahjong seems has good tutorials and can play against AI for practice.

FF14 had no reply so we don't know how to evaluate.

Then once you are confident, Tenhou to play against opponent can also help but time limit issue, so you should really get used to this game in order for you to challenge!

Those are only small feedbacks and we will keep asking and would like to have feed back to support beginners to practice and going to real game!!

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