Tornado Alley Regional Open

Oklahoma Riichi Club and DFW Mahjong is hosting 2day tournament on April 6th and 7th.

Zac is leader of Oklahoma Riichi Club and he is been working so hard to spread Riichi MJ recently. We have seen he is attending lots of Japan related event to host MJ events and teaching in local players.

And DFW Mahjong is supporting for this tournament as well. They are very experienced to hosting tournament past couple years.

They helping each other and building good friendship over there!

It's great to see those clubs close and competing and helping to grow Riichi Community.

Registration is open and if you want to challenge or meet Riichi players from all over in the US this could be a great chance!

Last year Masa from LAPOM attended DFW Tournament realized because of its right in the middle of the country, players are really from every where! Players from up North, East Coast, Down south, and West Coast.

More info, please visit their website and you can register from this site too!

Wish you a good luck!!

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