Welcome FF XIV Players!

Recently Final Fantasy XIV launched Riichi Mahjong.

My first thought was it is strange. MJ in the FF series?

According to FF14 creators team interview article from Japan, they also thought it could work well in Japan but they were not sure about oversea users likes MJ or not. They have tried to add Poker instead of MJ but in some countries were very strict the games related to gamble which we think right thing.

from same articles, FF teams were saying, it had great feed back and most of them were positive feed back from oversea users which they did not expected.

Yes because of the huge game title, it is helping us to find more new Riichi players!!

We LAPOM posted on meetup about free teaching session for FF14 players and Yakuza 0 players. We have quick response and we are seeing 2-4 new players every weekend!

It's great to see them and we are teaching using MJ Stars Beginners Guide which works really well!!

Welcome new players and we teach using live tiles with steps so that it will be a lot easier and FAN!

We will write about why we came up with unusual teaching method but those are based on Japanese experienced association and thought in this way over 100K players. We think teaching method and also teaching right way include basic knowledge will help new players understand well and won't give up. We have visited Japan last December, and we visited not for sightseeing. We have visited to learn how to teach taking sessions to become a good instructor.

So if you are near LA, please visit LAPOM during weekend!

Join our Meet up group too!


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