What is Saikoui-Sen

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Profile for Saikoui-Sen

Saikoui-Sen has most oldest history and one of popular Pro Group in Japan. The First Saikoui-Sen was a title match held by Kindai Mahjong (Takeshobo) in 1976. Established as a Pro Group in 1985.

Major Title Competion Matches run by Saikoui-Sen

Saikoui-Sen League (long term league)

Masahito Iida Cup Saikoui-Sen Classic


and more.

More details for Saikoui-Sen Leagues and Trouanement Here

Well known players in Saikoui-Sen

Jun Murakami, Sayaka Kayamori, Koshin Asakura (Asapin), Ken Sonoda, Nobuhiro Ishibashi, and Seiichi Kondo are drafted by M-League.

Not only them, they have more talented players.

More Saikoui-Sen Players Profiles Here(Link)

Saikoui-Sen Official Website


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