What is Saikyo-Sen?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Kindai Mahjong Presents Saikyo-Sen

Saikyo-sen is a year long tournament hosted by Kindai Mahjong to determine “Who is the strongest?”

2018 Final Tournament Bracket

The qualifications take place year-round, and even professionals need to win a title or participate in preliminaries to have a shot at the final. Participants often include champion titleholders, celebrities, and more.

Most importantly, there are amateur preliminaries held in all regions, and many chances to move towards the final bracket. With matches in over 50 locations and more than 3000 participating players, Saikyo-sen has become incredibly popular.

Broad cast on AbemaTV

Because Saikyo-sen runs the entire year, they have a dedicated channel on AbemaTV. Even amateur games get broadcast.

2018 Saikyo-i (Champion) Seichi Kondo

The 2018 Saikyo-i champion was Seichi Kondo of the Saikoui-sen Pro Mahjong Organization, commonly recognized as a member of the Sega Sammy Phoenix M-League team. This made Kondo a dual titleholder for 2018 with his achievement of the Saiko-i title.

The first Saikyo-sen was held in 1989. The first champion was Masayuki Katayama, author of many mahjong-centric manga.

Later, the Janki-kai organization would take two consecutive titles.

Saiyko-sen has a long history with many great matches. It’s a great honor to claim the title of Saikyo-i.

If you’d like to know more, please visit the Saikyo-sen website:


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