What is Tenhou Meijin Sen?

Tenhou Meijin-Sen is a title battle that takes place throughout the year in the online mahjong "Tenhou". Every year, a total of 12 people, including high ranked players on Tenhou and major pros, have a total of 11 verses (8 total and 10 verses up to the 4th term). In addition, all the games are delivered live on the Mahjong Three arrows Channel, and in the delivery, commentary and live performance (in charge of Misa Kobayashi) are performed by inviting two pro-players to the guest each time.

It is the mid-season of the 8th Season in 2019

This season's six-man battle from the pro team Takashi Kawasaki and Kohei Taniguchi will be the first to participate as a representative of the Qualifying team. The Ojisan made his first appearance as a representative of Houou-Table Qualifying from Tenhou.


Nobuhiro Ishibashi (Saikoui-Sen)

Takaharu Ooi (RMU)

Koichi Kihara (NPM)

Kohei Taniguchi (NPM)

Takashi Kawasaki (NPM)

Go Kobayashi (Myu)

Makoto Fukuchi (Arthur of Mahajong articles)

ASAPIN (1st Tenhou-i)

Doppo (3rd Tenhou-i)

Takeoshan (6th Tenhou-i)

Shukatsusei@kawamura Gundan (9th Tenhou-i)

Ojisan (Winner of Houou table qualification)

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