Who is ASAPIN?

In 201,1 Asapin was the 1st player ever to reach the rank of Tenhoui in Tenhou. He replicated this feat again in 2016, completing his 2nd Tenhoui under the pseudonym "Totori Sensei 19 years" old in 2016.

His real name is Koshin Asakura.

He joined the Japanese pro mahjong organization Saikoui-Sen in 2018. Saikoui-Sen uniquely accepted him directly into the B-1 League in special consideration because of his feats in Tenhou.

Koshin Asakura

In 2019, drafted by the Next Pirates, he participated in the newly form M League.

He is a popular rising star and a pioneer of pros coming from Tenhou backgrounds.

Expectations are high, but no one can question his majohng skills. He tore through B1 League, finishing 1st place in 2018, and currently competes in A League, the highest league of Japan's Saikoui-sen.

He also released 2 tactics books back in 2014

~His brother is also~

His brother Yusei is also really good at mahjong and he is 10 Dan on Tenhou. Also he released his book last year. Yusei is also good at writting Mahjong articles and writting for Kindai Mahjong Web

~Asapin Trivia~

Asapin has influenced main character from a manga.


4th Tenhou Meijinsen Champion

JPML vs Tenhou 1st season Champion

Mahjong Ekiden 2017 ( team format ) Won as armature team

Mahjong Ekiden 2018 (team format) Won as Saikoui-sen team

His highlights by Three Arrows Chanel

Luckily, we were able to interview him at WRC 2017 in Las Vegas

Twitter: @asakurapinpin

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