Who is Doppo?

He is the 3rd Tenhoui and He is announced to join Saikoui-Sen Pro organization recently.

He will start from B-2 League of Saikoui-Sen again because of special consideration because of his feats in Tenhou.

His MJ Pro name becomes Doppo Yamada.

Major Title: 7th Tenhou Meijinsen

Highlight from Three Arrows Chanel

His playing style is well know as very aggressive.

profile i saw in other website, If I remember right, he did not fold until he plays Houou Table.

And we have invited him as a special team for Practice match for IORMC 2018

And here is the video.

And he does commentary for Japanese Students Association tournament.

After he becomes the 3rd Tenhoui, he was working in Mahjong field and such a nice guy. And now, He is challenging as pro player. Everyone wants to see Doppo vs Asapin near future. And we think it will happen soon.

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