Who is Go Kobayashi?

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Go Kobayash is a Pro mahjong player from Japanese mahjong pro organization μ (Myu)

And Recently He drafted by U-Next Pirates as 1st pick.

He has lots of unique nick names "Mahjong cyborg", "Super Digital","Kobago" and more.

Back in 4th Tenhou Meijinsen, He had 4 consecutive 4th place and he tweeted emoji like this (゜ー゜)

Fans loves this and named this "4 Last Kun" (4 lasu kun)

And even becomes t-shirts and those are on sale

(Photo by SMN club in Nagoya detail down below)

Major titles

Shoou 3 times (3rd, 7th, and 9th) -the best title of Myu- 

Tenhou Meijinsen Twice (1st and 2nd)

RTD League 2018 Champion

He also released few books

~ Super Digital Mahjong ~

In this books, he is mentioned about several surprisingly things like, discard East on 1st discard. Dealer has only 500pt value. Take tsumo from the discards. And it is interesting to read if you have digital mind.

Since he won 2 consecutive Tenhou Meijinsen 1st and 2nd, he is very popular among with Tenhou players as well.

Also He is a team mate with Koshin Asakura aka Asapin. U-next pirates are uploading Oshiete Pirates (Teach me Pirates) on Youtube, and each players are explaining their decisions behind the games. During the video, often Go and Asapin are arguing but it is fun to watch both digital mind players discussions.

Recently he was on the Mahjong no Takumi by Hinatan no Mahjong Suru Shinai

We are again would like to adding English sub titles but we need more volunteer translator for this project. If anyone can help us please contact us.

And one of his highlight video by Three Arrows Channel

Not only his winning hand, please watch his Tsumo and discard motion. He is the one of the best player with manners and actions, plus his knowledge.

If you would like to meet him, please follow his twitter and check his event schedule!

He usually works at Machao Shimokitazawa or Ouji ten

Twitter: @supatechi

Note: The picture by SMN club in Nagoya. They are one of our friend club in Japan. They are welcome beginner players and hosting casual tournaments inviting many of top pro. If you are interested in to participate, please visit their website for more info! https://nagoya-mj.com/category/notice/smn/

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