Who is Jun Murakami

Jun Murakami is a Pro Player from Saikoui-Sen Pro Group in Japan

Twitter @zunzuntantan

Major Titles

8th Japan Open

5th and 9th Saikoui-Sen Classic

35th, 39th, and 42nd Saikoui

14th Mondo Cup

10th Mondo King Cup

RTD League Participant

Draft picked by Akasaka Drivens in M League

In addition to having these major titles and being able to participate in leagues that only the top of the top can enter, Jun Murakami has appeared on many mahjong television series as a Top Pro Player.

Recently, he was on the YouTube series “Mahjong no Takumi” Season 1 by Mahjong Watch. We have been given the opportunity to add English subtitles to that series. Here is the link for that article.

Mahjong Style

Lessor open hands and his focus on Riichi as his style.

When he roll the dices as dealer, he always hold his lucky charm in his pocket, and this becomes his signature move. Nick name is “Zuntan” or “Richi” because when he call riichi, he usually say Richi with his emotion and fans calling him Richi Superman(リーチ超人).

He also breath loud when the game is getting close game.

Here is one of his highlight by Three Arrow Channel

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