Who is Nobuhiro Ishibashi?

Nobuhiro Ishibashi is Japanese pro mahjong player.

Saikoui-sen B1 League

He drafted by U-Next Pirates in 2018.

Nobuhiro Ishibashi

Nick Name: Black Digital, Bassy, Shindo

Black Digital Mahjong

Major Titles:

36th Saikou-i

19th Ryuuou-i

10th Mondo 21st Cup

3rd Tenhou Meijinsen

He is also participants for RTD League.

Evolving Digital Mahjong


Its supporting his nick name "Black Digital". (In this Black means similar to dark side of star wars.) There are so many digital minded players nowadays, and he is also digital mind player, however, he build up his own strategy to make digital player make miss reading by order of discard or open hand technics. Sometimes, he plays surprise decisions, he explained after game and often surprises everybody by his deep reading skills.


Twitter: @rate1484

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