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Rules for 4-player Ranking Match

  • 25000 point start with 30000 point return.

  • 10-20 uma.

  • Atozuke allowed.

  • Kuikae (swap calling) disallowed.

  • Option to allow or disallow open tanyao.

  • One red five in each suit if red dora are allowed.

  • Tenpai renchan.

  • Sudden death rule if all players are below 30000 points after the last round. Tonpuusen can go into south round; hanchan can go into west round. Game ends if a player exceeds 30000 points or if the extra round ends.

  • A player going into negative points (busting out) ends the game.

  • Automatic agariyame and tenpaiyame for last dealer who ends in 1st place.

  • Points at end of round are rounded to the nearest 1000.

  • 1st place player gets any riichi sticks left on the table at the end of the game.

  • At the end of the round, rankings for players with the same amount of points is determined by dealer order.

  • Double wind tile is worth 4 fu as the pair.

  • Rinshan kaihou gains the 2 fu for tsumo.

  • No ryanhan shibari.

  • Abortive draws (kyuushuukyuuhai, suucha riichi, sanchahou, suukaikan, suufuurenda)  allowed. All abortive draws result in renchan.

  • Nagashi mangan allowed. Tenpai payments are changed to a mangan payment. Dealer renchan if tenpai.

  • Nagashi mangan only if none of that player’s discards have been called. That player may call other players’ discards and still claim nagashi mangan.

  • Double ron allowed. Honba payments and riichi sticks go to player closest to the player who dealt in by turn order.

  • If one of the two players who won by double ron is dealer, there is renchan.

  • Pao for daisangen and daisuushii. Honba payments paid by the player to whom pao is applied.

  • Keishiki tenpai allowed. Tenpai that requires a fifth copy of a tile is allowed.

  • Riichi can only be declared by a player who has at least 1000 points and has at least one more draw.

  • Furiten riichi allowed.

  • Passing a winning tile after riichi is allowed. Results in permanent furiten.

  • Ankan after riichi is allowed only if it does not change the waits of the hand.

  • Kandora and kanuradora allowed.

  • Kandora are revealed immediately after ankan. Kandora are revealed late after daiminkan or shouminkan.

  • Temporary furiten removed when discarding a tile. Other players’ calls do not remove temporary furiten.

  • Paarenchan, renhou, sanrenkou, and other optional yaku disallowed.

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