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Rules for 3-player Ranking Match

  • Same as rules for 4-player ranking match unless otherwise stated.

  • 35000 point start with 40000 point return.

  • Uma is +20, 0, -20.

  • Eight rinshan tiles.

  • 2man through 8man removed.

  • If 1man is dora indicator, 9man is dora. If 9man is dora indicator, 1man is dora.

  • Chii disallowed.

  • North tile is nukidora.

    • May be set aside as a “kita” call to draw a rinshan tile and is counted as dora when set aside.

    • May not be done immediately after a pon.

    • Acts as a call for the purposes of removing ippatsu, double riichi, kyuushuukyuuhai, tenhou, and chiihou.

    • May be used normally as a guest wind in the hand.

    • Other players may declare ron on a kita call if waiting on the north tile.

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