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Name and Logo

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This time, we’ll discuss choosing a name for your club and making the perfect logo. Please remember though, there are no rules you must absolutely follow.


But, let’s take a look at some other club’s names and logos on our club map!


We see it’s common to tie a mahjong theme into the name, but clubs primarily tend to base their name off location, usually their city. This is a good practice because it lets locals know you exist and doubles as promotion. It also makes it easy for other clubs to know who, and where, you are.


Again, these are merely examples. Please feel free to create a unique name for your club.


Regarding logos, many clubs incorporate tile designs and combine them with their name to produce an individualized logo. We recommend looking for someone with a background in design. Professional graphic artists can produce very cool logos in many sizes for permanent use. However, this may cost you anywhere from $50 to $300. It is an investment, but a logo is essential to your club’s identity and promotion.


If you cannot find a designer, you might try asking other clubs for assistance. The Green Dragon Mahjong club in Las Vegas was having trouble finding a designer. We put them in contact with Chuck from Oklahoma Mahjong, who was incredibly friendly and helpful in producing a logo for the Las Vegas club. Arthur of our MJS team is also an expert in graphic design.


That said, it is ideal if you can find a designer yourself, or even create your own logo. As your club expands and you discover the need to produce brochures, panels, develop an online presence, and more, you will constantly need a designer’s skill.

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