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To start Club 3  

Find co-orgnizer


You might think this sounds like your typical RPG game, but the reality is it’s very similar. In previous articles, we’ve discussed how having a solid foundation on which to build a club is essential. This time, we’ll talk about how to recruit your members, your party of adventurers.


Running a club by yourself is a daunting task. Decision making, leadership, account management, design, marketing, teaching while learning yourself, the list is never-ending. And as the club grows, the chores will only expand. Therefore, it’s crucial that the organizer finds friends who are willing to shoulder some of the burdens.  


After a certain point, and with a few met goals (even short-term ones), you’ll feel great pride at the growth of your club. Especially if you can see your members cooperating on events, and you discover your club has great teamwork.


Ideally, each member should take different tasks to distribute the work, but the importance of meeting frequently to discuss the direction of the club cannot be understated. This necessarily requires strong friendship, so please remember it’s not about pointing out what others have not done, but rather about helping one another meet the goals of the club.


It follows that you should get to know prospective co-organizer’s personally so you have an idea of their personality. You might even be able to glean some information about them from how they play Mahjong. Regardless, once you know a member well enough, and you think they might be a good fit, feel free to ask them to help organize.


This is just one idea on how potential clubs might organize themselves and expand. No matter what unique approach you take, we hope to see more clubs grow and join the dialogue.

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