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Customers who purchase the Automatic Mahjong Table from Mahjong Stars can register their place as a stadium and their game results will be reflected in the Mahjong Stars Ranking.

The M-League rules for matches that have an effect on the ranking are 4 matches per round.​

We will share spreadsheets to record scores.


We recognize our top achievers at the end of each month and at the end of the year.

Monthly bonus points are awarded to the top performers based on the number of participants and the total number of games played in the stadium.

The top performers during the year will receive awards at the following year's Festival.

At the festival, a final will be held to determine the champion.


The top 4 players will receive ROUND points for a total of 4 games, and all players will receive PLAY GAME points.

All players will receive play game points based on their placement.

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Please contact Mahjong Stars for more information.

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Thank you for coming to the 2024 AMOS CLUB FESTIVAL. All of you made it possible for us to have a successful and meaningful event, and the AMOS CLUB will continue to host many more fun and exciting events for our customers. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces at the 2025 AMOS CLUB FESTIVAL.

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