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We would like to express our gratitude to all of our customers for their continued interest in our products and services. Mahjong Stars began selling AMOS Automatic Mahjong tables in the U.S. in 2019. We are pleased to have reached many of our customers and are now celebrating our fifth year. The event is open to members of the AMOS club in the U.S., but registration is now available to other Riichi Mahjong players. This event has two tournaments. We anticipate your presence at the event.

Thank you.
Mahjong Stars


The chance to win an AMOS JP-EX Color is given to every participant.

Tournament participants on May 26th will have the chance to win an AMOS JP-EX Color.

Application Priority Seats will be filled on a priority basis.

1. AMOS CLUB members Invitation at no cost
Customers who have purchased from Mahjong Stars since 2019 are invited. Application deadline: April 5th. 

2.  Guest of AMOS CLUB members $300
AMOS CLUB members may bring up to one additional guest. The guest will have access to all events during the entire two days. The allocation of seats for guests of AMOS CLUB members will be determined after April 5th. To obtain a seat, guests must pay the registration fee by April 15th.
3. Open Enrollment for Tournament.  Fee $300

The fee includes two tournaments on the May 26th and 27th.



1:00  Registration / Opening
2:00  Maintenance Seminar
3:00  East Round games
6:00  Dinner with fun games
9:00  Learning Seminar with Pro players


9:00   Registration
10:00 Tournament Game
1:00   Lunch Break 
2:00   Tournament Game 
6:00   Games


11:45  Registration
12:00  Oned-day Tournament 4 games
  5:00  Final game

This is regular LAPOM one-day tournament.

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