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What is Riichi Mahjong?

What is Riichi Mahjong?

Riichi Mahjong is a social game

with four other basic elements.


    Riichi mahjong is a special variant of traditional Chinese mahjong. Many consider it to have greater depth and more intricate game play elements.

    Riichi mahjong first became popular after World War Ⅱ and now has well over 200,000 players and 3,000 mahjong parlors. In Japan, mahjong is prevalent in all forms of media including manga, anime, and video games. Though mahjong is often enjoyed casually, there are professional organizations dedicated to riichi mahjong.

    This website seeks to be your number one source for riichi mahjong. We aim to raise the level of competition outside of Japan and hope to launch non-native Japanese speaker players onto the world stage.

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