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    Tenma-bashi Kaikan is a mahjong dojo in Osaka run by Kazuyoshi Matsui, a professional mahjong player of MYU pro organization.


    MYU only dictates those with the proper knowledge and technical capabilities as a professional of their organization. Therefore, there are only about 20 people who can claim the title of a professional player, and the other players are known as “touring players”. Kazuyoshi Matsui, one of the few professional members of this prestigious organization, has claimed many titles.


[Kazuyoshi Matsui’s Record]


5th BIG1 Cup 1st place

6th BIG1 Cup 1st place

15th BIG1 Cup 1st place

16th BIG1 Cup 1st place

12th μM-1 Cup 1st place

    At Tenma-bashi Kaikan, you can take part in Mahjong classes, Kenko Mahjong meetups, Mahjong study meetups, and more, but this time, we will introduce the four-round tournament that takes place every weekend. This tournament is recommended for those who can count score and have not participated in competitive Mahjong. Since participants are very friendly and well-mannered, there is no need to be terrified of your first competitive mahjong experience. Tenma-bashi Kaikan welcomes the participation of non Japanese speaking players. Read the manners carefully, and have fun in the tournament.  

Mahjong Manners at Tenma-bashi Kaikan


1. Be strict on yourself and nice to others.

2. Call in a loud voice so that the other players can hear you clearly.

3. Saki-zumo is strictly prohibited. In the instance you do, you cannot call pon, chi, kan, ron on the tile discarded before. You will not be allowed to win the round if you do this too many times.

4. No remarks about your hand is allowed.

5. No comments are to be made about the speed and the winning hand of the other players.

6. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited during playing.

7. Move to the next row in the river after six tiles.

8. Do not use the tiles and point sticks in a rough manner. Actions that distract other players such as singing, humming, whistling, etc are prohibited.

9. Play in proper posture and do not partake in actions that are unpleasant to other players.

10. Do not move the tiles in your hand until all the points are dealt. 


    The elevator will take you to the 5th floor there the reception is. You will be presented with an ID number after you pay the entry fee. The ID numbers, along with where to sit are displayed on the monitors within venue, so check the monitors to see where to sit. Your results will also be tracked by the same ID number.

    There is a 30 minute lunch break after the second round. You can buy lunch and bring it back to eat. Tea and coffee are provided. The men’s bathroom is on the 5th floor and the women’s is on the 4th floor.

    The tournament ends once the four rounds are over and there will be no final match held. Results will be announced right after, and the winner and the runner-up will receive prizes.

    Again, Tenma-bashi Kaikan welcomes the participation of non Japanese speaking players. Read the manners carefully, and have fun in the tournament.


Tenma-bashi Kaikan


Participation Fee 2100 Yen


Reservation is not needed, but please give a call if you will arrive late.



1-23 Chuo Tenmabashi Kyo-Machi,

Sun System Tenmabashi Building 5F

Osaka-City, Osaka



phone: 06-6941-4177




A member of team USA for Kyudo World Cup 2018. Perfect bilingual Computer Science major college student.   

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