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Beginner's Lesson 8

Sequence-based Yaku

In this lesson, we will review 1 more yaku from Mahjong Lite and introduce 3 new yaku.


The first yaku is iipeikou. Iipeikou is just 2 identical sequences, the same as in Mahjong Lite. Iipeikou is worth 1 han.


The next yaku is ryanpeikou. Ryanpeikou is 2 sets of 2 identical sequences; essentially 2 instances of iipeikou in the same hand. Rather than scoring iipeikou twice, the hand would qualify for ryanpeikou, which is worth 3 han.


The third yaku is ikkitsuukan, often shortened to “ittsuu”. Ittsuu essentially requires a “full straight” from 1 to 9 in the same suit. In practice, that means 3 consecutive sequences (123, 456, and 789) in the same suit. Ittsuu is worth 2 han.


The last yaku for this lesson is sanshoku doujun, often just called “sanshoku”. Sanshoku requires the same sequence in all 3 suits. For example, having 345pin, 345sou, and 345man would qualify a hand for sanshoku. Sanshoku is worth 2 han.


Here are 2 videos explaining these yaku by Light Grunty:

Iipeikou and Ryanpeikou
Ittsuu and Sanshoku
(This video also contains another yaku which we will cover in the next lesson!)

Because these are all sequence-based yaku, it is possible to combine them with pinfu. Iipeikou, ryanpeikou, and sanshoku can also be combined with tanyao. Combining yaku is an excellent way to increase the value of a hand; try to do so whenever possible!


In the next lesson, we will cover some triplet and pair-based yaku.

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